Saturday, December 17, 2005

We have moved

We've moved to here.

Aviad tried to use his super-l33t advanced geek skills to import all the posts from here to the new site but it wasn't possible.

Apart from that, Wordpress is very nice and yes the theme of the new blog site is based on Mac OS X, but come on, you'd be disappointed if it wasn't, wouldn't you?

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New Home

Just as Joah is moving to a new home (with me!), the blog is moving too. Soon you will not find the blog here anymore (or rather, you won't find it updating here anymore), and it will be located in a new, better place.

I cannot reveal the new location yet as it's still a work in progress, but I can tell you it will have something to do with this post.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Stocking Fellas

Marks and Spencer have come up with a solution for the hordes of men who are too embarrassed or too inept or too lazy to buy the right lingerie for their wife/girlfriend/ secretary/themselves at this ‘festive time’ – the Stocking Fella.

M&S report that tonnes of lingerie gets returned to their stores in January, presumably because women were presented with items that either didn’t fit or they don’t like. So they’ve trained guys to help pick out the perfect pair of pants based on a simple questionnaire about the woman’s personality. Are you sassy [=psychotic]? Flirty [=a tart]? Modern [=43 but dress like a 17 year old]? Glamorous [=overly made up]?

The problem with M&S’s lingerie department is that it combines frilly, lacy, floral garments called things like ‘The Balcony Range’ with those ultra control anti-cellulite pants that have the colour and consistency of a bunion pad. It’s disconcerting to be looking at Brazilian panties and then see a pair of beige control pants that would come up right under your bust.


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Last week (right after coming back from London) we had a big "show" of our software to our client. It was hard work, included staying very late at night (for some even sleep away from home) so we got Thursday off.

Unfortunately, no-one told me of this "Thursday off" business, so I came to work normally last Thursday. Seeing that no-one was here (except those who didn't participate), and having no work to do, I joined a couple of Quake IV games. Unfortunately for everyone, someone from our office saw us, and decided to rat on us to the boss (who wasn't there - Remember, Thursday off). So, here I am - Friday and I'm in the office. Punishment like any other punishment.

What I hate though is "rats". I hate them when they jump into my toilet, and I hate them more when they see something they don't like - Either because they want to do it themselves and can't or because they enjoy others being punished - And tell off to the boss later. It's just horrible, useless, and promotes creating a more secretive society at work, making work tiring and sometimes even more boring.

I enjoy playing computer games. When I do my work, which is a creative type of work, I sometimes stumble into "writer's blocks". Software writers have those too, and those who design software know what I'm talking about. Reading a book, going for a run, listening or playing music - These all help to "clear the mind" and get into the muse of design/code again. For me, playing games helps do the same - So taking 5-10 minutes off work (we play timed games) to "keep me going" shouldn't be punished.

On the other hand, I do understand how it affects others when people play games. The noise may disturb others (so we play with headphones). Others feel weird that they work while others play - That's why used to play during lunch break, if any. That day specifically no-one from my department was at the office, so it wasn't the case. And if it was, the right way to act is to ask from us not to play - Not run to the boss and tell.

I am just upset about the way some people act - Doing this only to feel like they have some power over others. Horrible.

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